Tour our Mining Museum

The Mining Museum is a replica of the Tykoon Gold Mill built in 1895 on the Big Thunder Gold Mine property. Tours of the mining museum are a part of the admission to the overall Mine tour.

The Mining Museum contains thousands of artifacts of Gold Mining in the Black Hills from three working mines in the Black Hills that were reclaimed and torn down.


Largest Collection of Equipment from Gold Mining in the Black Hills

(one of three original Stamp mills remaining in the Unites States)
You will see:
  • Stamp Mill
  • Bell Crusher
  • Jaw Crusher
  • Winches
  • Blacksmith Equipment
  • Copper and Wilfrey Tables
  • Original Assay Office Display
  • Original Ore Bins
  • Elevator Equipment
  • Tools

All derived from the mines in the Black Hills.


Learn how Early Miners Processed Gold from Hard Rock

Professional guides describe how miners carefully extracted gold from the gold ore while Gold Mining in the Black Hills.

See for yourself at the Mining Museum.

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