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    On-Site Gold Panning


On-site gold panning.

Big Thunder Gold Mines offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to take a step back in time as they sift through mineral rich sand and gravel from the very creeks where the miners of the 1800s struck it rich with our convenient and accessible On-Site Gold Panning!

What better way to commemorate your visit to the beautiful Black Hills after an immersive mine tour than to try your luck in our raised gold panning beds? Our trained panning guides are here to help teach you how to pan like the pros, offering complementary gold panning lessons ahead of your On-Site Panning adventure. Whether you’re an adult or a kid, you’ll find immense enjoyment panning for gold, pyrite, and other precious metals. The best part? You’ll get to bring home whatever treasures you find in your pan!

Our affordable On-Site Gold Panning is certain to provide lasting memories and treasures for you to always remember your trip to the Black Hills. While many attractions in the Black Hills offer gold panning and gem panning, nowhere else will you find a more authentic On-Site Panning experience. Serving locals and tourists alike for decades, Big Thunder Gold Mine has dedicated our existence to providing fun, educational experiences for all who visit. We provide our customers with golden experiences every single day and hope you’ll consider making your next visit to the Black Hills and Keystone just as golden with us.

On-Site Gold Panning Rates

Standard On-Site Gold Panning
$14.95 Per Pan

On-Site Gold Panning After a Mine Tour
$12.95 Per Pan

Gem Panning
$9.95 Per Pan

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