Big Thunder Gold Mine is open as usual but times are modified and some procedures. The following are in effect:

  • Masks are highly suggested for the tours.
  • We have 2 tours per hour one every 30 minutes so they do not pass each other in the mine (social distancing).
  • Tours may consist of up to 20 people per tour.
  • Only 1 and 1/2 feet is needed for social distancing during individual tours.
  • We put 2 capfulls of bleach in the troughs to eliminate any virus. Gloves can be used if you are allergic.
  • We practice the 6 foot distance at all troughs for gold panning and gem panning. Every other trough is used.
  • Masks are worn by all guides in the mine for your protection and theirs.
  • The claim experience is in nature by the creek and plenty of space and beauty. 24 hour reservations required.
  • We have a drive thru espresso with sneeze guard.
  • Our restaurant which opened on May 16 will have limited in door seating of 30, outdoor seating on a deck, pick up and delivery available.
  • Consistent sanitizing of all facility.
  • Our hours currently are 8-8 last tour at 3:50.
  • We are very responsible as to making sure every thing is safe for all of our customers. Reservations may be implemented depending on the crowds for the tours. Panning is immediate.

We would love to have you come. Beauty and space is our game and I know you would love it!

See you soon,
Sandi McLain

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Be Responsible when Gold Prospecting: A Good Gold Panning Trip Means Cleaning Up

Howdy!  Today I thought I’d stress the importance and responsibility of treating our great outdoors with respect when you’re out on your next gold prospecting adventure!

First rule is:  pack it in, pack it out. Be considerate of not just others who enjoy the outdoors, but of nature itself.  Gold panning can turn into a day-long adventure and you’ll need to bring some basic supplies with you (food, water, etc.).  If you bring food and drinks and other necessities with you when you’re out gold panning, please collect any garbage you create and pack it out with you to an appropriate receptacle.  It’s important that you take with you what you bring in.  Hopefully, you’ll be taking some gold home with you too!
Also, most people don’t realize that miners and panners remove and correctly dispose of all sorts of trash and hazardous items they find in creeks and rivers.  Lead shot and lead fishing sinkers are just a couple of examples of unnecessary waste being taken out of our waterways by miners and gold prospectors.  When gold panning, many people find these items and responsibly take them away. 
So, when you go out to enjoy the outdoors and are gold panning, remember that you will not only have fun and, perhaps some luck, but you are setting an example.  Taking care of our wilderness when you’re gold panning means you’re letting everyone know that you and the gold panning community treat our natural resources with care and responsibility.
Always keep your pan in the water! Eureka! 

Rattlesnake Randy

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